HtAG is actually a land investment portal site that assists its customers in making timely and accurate property investment decisions. Underpinned by using Data Science and big-data, HtAG procedures large volumes of property statistics to classify the investment worth of a particular geographical location.

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Integrity and ethics represent our core business values. HtAG aims to help investors in dealing with market speculation and the ill advice of spruikers. In HtAG, we eliminate the subjectiveness of individual preferences and mitigate any gaps in knowledge and experience of consumer agents, economists as well as alternative real estate investment professionals.

HtAG’s assignment is to eventually become an industry pioneer in assessing investment possibility for LGAs and suburbs Australia wide. HtAG endeavour’s to create accurate and pertinent property investment data not merely the privilege of institutional investors and organisations with the capacity of keeping the service of economists.

HtAG’s vision is to become an internationally recognized and trusted portal which rankings states, regions and localities dependent on their home investment potential. 


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